Safety & Certainty.

Energy for your life.


In the world that was once a dream now it is reality. We believe that everybody should be free to decide on every aspect of their life. How they will live, raise their children and choose their own path through life. To be free means to be able to decide exactly how much energy you will consume and how it will be supplied to your house, regardless of external influences.

This is why we have created our functional and attractive product range using the latest cutting edge technology. This allowes you take the reins of life into your own hands.

The SAVEBOX-solution will become a natural part of your life and provide you absolute independence. SAVEBOX is a system for production and accumulation of electrical energy in your house.

SAVEBOX – the unique combination of three „E’s“


Using renewable sources intelligently you can easily and simply surpass competing concepts of energy storage. You can also monitor your energy supply remotly using an NFC application for your smartphone or tablet.


Energy is everywhere around us-from the sun, wind, water.. Just find a way how to use it and keep it.Thanks to SAVEBOX you can save the energy for the time when you need it.


Sources of energy which save you time and worry, and do not harm your surroundings. The environment around us, which we want to save for future generations, will be kept in the best condititon possibl e.

A quiet, safe and low carbon solution.


SAVEBOX is a device for electrical energy storage (EES), which can also be used as a mobile battery supply. When charged up, SAVEBOX can be used to power electrical appliances in the same way as from the mains supply. SAVEBOX has inputs for charging directly from the mains, from the electric generator (power station), from photovoltaic panels, and it can also be charged with wind turbine power.

Common appliances can be connected to the outlet.

SAVEBOX devices are available with capacity from 6 kWh up to 200 kWh. SAVEBOX employs state-of-the-art LiFePO4 technology. Unlike classic Pb batteries, they offer many advantages including economic benefits.


How to consume, store and supply electricity efficiently and economically are questions which go hand in hand with how we are becoming a more advanced and powerful society. Each of us are increasingly faced with the question of how to ecologically and effectively consume energy in a way that also saves you money.

SAVEBOX is a concept which answers a number of these questions. It is a solution for those who want to approach the electricity consumption in a responsible and intelligent way. Not just at home but also in industrial operations.

You can imagine SAVEBOX units as devices composed of many batteries (and other components such as charger etc.) which fulfill the function of a hybrid system. We use unique LiFePo4 batteries equipped with our electronics and operating system. The standart daily process makes more than 6 000 cycles, which is 16 years, if we count one charging cycle per day! Their primary function is to store energy which comes from photovoltaic panels, wind or water turbine, a generator, or the national grid. Or any combination of these.