A solution for houses of the future.

This is SAVEBOX Home.

Savebox Home

An all-in-one energy storage and power management device.

Savebox HOME is a single phase energy storage and power management device consisting of a powerful LiFePO4 battery pack, control system, safety and communication electronics, DC/AC inverter/charger and PV charger. The device is primarily designed for domestic use.



  • 5 years warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Beautiful design
  • Long lifetime
  • Made in EU
  • Safety and zero maintenance
  • Online monitoring
  • NFC communication

Where are the right places to use SaveBox Home residential energy storage unit?

  • Where there is highly value staying powered during blackout,
  • Where generator may be cheaper, but the battery is quieter, quicker to start and no fuel storage is necessary
  • Where there is the goal to get off the grid entirely, in low-power applications at remote locations where grid hook-up is prohibitively expensive, or with very expensive power
  • Where the green energy sources (PV or Wind power) are used to produce electricity to enable use in time you need it unless at time you have it (e.g. from sun or wind)

How power is the sb Home unit:

  • The nominal output is 2 kW which is enough to cover average 1,2 kW electricity power usage in British house and the peak output of 6 kW is enough to cover peak power if somebody has devices in House all running at once and want to disconnect entirely from grid.
  • The capacity of storage unit itself is designed for continuous more than 6 hours run at average power of 1,2 kW. If this is not enough the capacity extender is prepared to take over. There is a possibility additional 7,5 kWh battery block or even more such blocks to connect into the system to achieve 15 kWh storage unit or more. The small increase of capacity just connecting a separate additional LiFePO4 battery (1,5 kWh each) is possible too.
  • The whole system is modular giving the customer the chance to start with small system at 2,6 kW / 4,5 kWh and continue to 7,8 kW / 22,5 kWh system able to power big house including air conditioner.